Our Story:

We could call our Original Smart Swatter heavy duty, but we don't have to. It's made to be the best. We made the Smart Swatter to be tough for all types of bugs. You swat the bug, let the Smart Swatter pick it up. The Smart Swatter is designed and manufactured right here in the United States and proudly based in Northern Michigan. We are proud of the Smart Swatter and think you will be too. The Smart Swatter takes the fly swatter and turns it into the ultimate tool against pesky insects. The Smart Swatter not only kills the bug with a strong and sturdy handle and swatter it also features 904 individual polyethylene spikes that not only trap the bug to make clean up effortless, they help kill and trap the bug. Now you won't have to worry about going after that tricky spider and wondering where it went after you swatted it. Our goal is to make a durable and user friendly product that you'll love and that you'll want to use. Swatting flies has never been so fun.

The Original SmartSwatter